RFS is expert in conducting business under regulation.

From specialist resourcing to conduct strategy, we help you to balance customer, business and regulatory interests.


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Outcome Testing

Objectively testing customer outcomes reveals gaps in policies and procedures that can become costly and cause reputational damage.

Complaint Handling

Managing complaints effectively is critical in delivering a good customer experience and high on the regulatory agenda.


Reviewing past customer cases must be done with high standards of customer care, ensuring fair outcomes and good conduct.

Root Cause Analysis

The complex nature of business means that identifying the cause of customer complaints can be very challenging.

Conduct Strategy

Many firms are reviewing how their current frameworks can achieve good outcomes as well as enable profitable business.
  • Retail Banking
    • The retail banking market is going through significant change. New technologies are enabling different ways of working and serving customers, consumer expectations have become more demanding and the regulatory emphasis has fundamentally shifted. The sector is now expected to implement customer centric standards as opposed to following regulatory rules.
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  • Consumer Credit
    • Over 50,000 firms in the UK offer consumer credit. This includes pawn-broking, motor finance, short-term lending and debt management. In 2014 lead regulation passed from the Office of Fair Trading to the Financial Conduct Authority which has much greater powers.
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  • Insurance
    • The UK insurance sector is the largest in Europe, third largest in the world and a critical part of the UK financial services market. Whilst Insurance not been subject to the same level of criticism as Retail Banking there are still thematic concerns about the fair treatment of customers.
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  • Utilities
    • Regulatory conduct standards and enforcement is now firmly on the agenda for the utilities sector and set to become a key priority in the future. Both Ofgem and Ofwat are challenging providers to ensure fair treatment of customers. Consideration of customer’s means and needs, and ensuring good outcomes has become critical.
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  • Pensions & Investments
    • The pensions and investments sector is undergoing significant change. Managing new legislation and rules such as RDR, pension freedom and auto enrolment adds pressure to what is already a complicated and growing market.
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The sale and after-sale care relating to Packaged Bank Accounts (PBAs) has been high on the regulatory agenda over the past few years, culminating in the publication of the FCA’s thematic…
Automation is now a reality for financial services organisations. Advancement in machine learning means that many human processes can be replaced, and as this technology improves so will the ability to…
The issue of vulnerable customers is still high on the regulatory agenda. The Vulnerability Task Force, set up last year, continue their work to promote better understanding whilst firms work hard…

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Ron Whatford

Ron has had a long and successful career in the banking…

John Turner

Before setting up RFS John held senior positions in the…

Michael Couzens

Managing Director
Michael has 25 years of experience in conduct risk and…

Richard Mathews

Finance Director
Richard has a background of tax consultancy having started with…

Mike Ogilvie

Development Director
Over the last 15 years Mike has won and delivered…

Anthony Howitt

Strategy Director
Anthony is an operations expert working across financial services. He…

Jan Hagen

Managing Director, Financial Crime
Jan is a financial crime risk professional with over 20…

Sam Tattersall

Client Engagement Director
Sam has worked for retail banks, the ombudsman and has…

Roger Emms

Business Delivery Director
Roger has over 30 years’ experience in financial services across…

John Berry

Client Partner Director
John is an expert in resourcing and operations management. He…

Kim McInally-Buckley

Client Partner
Kim is a recruitment and resourcing specialist who has delivered…

Helen Wilson

Client Partner
Helen has specialised in the financial services sector for more…

Jon Ball

Client Partner
Jon has 5 years’ experience with a big four management…

Heidi Lavery

Client Engagement Executive
Heidi has 10 years of experience in business development within…

Stephen Atkins

Senior Associate
Stephen has a lifetime of experience in financial services, formerly…

Frank Hickman

Senior Associate
Frank is an expert in mathematical modelling and brings data…