About RFS

We know that your environment is challenging. RFS bring experience of  conducting business under regulation, operational expertise and specialist resources to help you create better customer outcomes and reduce your operational costs.


    • The RFS management team is represented on the FCA Skilled Persons Panel, has worked directly for the ombudsman, held senior control functions in large regulated firms and enabled some of the largest scale remediation projects in the UK.

      You can rely on our deep and specialist experience of conducting business under regulation to develop complete complaint handling solutions that are effective for your business and meet the expectations of the regulator.

      We remain objective and impartial, with the confidence to confront the status quo and to positively influence.
    • From strategic and specialised functions to high volume requirements we can develop, deploy and manage your projects to achieve high standards of quality performance and productivity.

      Across customer complaint case handling, remediation, outcome testing and root cause analysis services we have modelled best practice and innovated. We will ensure that your operations, processes and policies all result in good customer outcomes; and provide insights to inform your conduct strategy.

      You get high levels of control as we are used to integrating within clients’ infrastructure, organisational structure and reporting frameworks. Using management information, data analytics and proactive stakeholder engagement we will improve visibility and promote continuous improvement to create new efficiencies and reduce costs.

      At project close we will de-brief and transfer knowledge so that transition is as smooth as possible and benefit is retained in your business.

      We are committed to creating a sustainable improvement to your business.
    • From large scale project teams to smaller specialist networks, our in-house resourcing function will screen and select from our exclusive pool of skilled and professional contractors. We can provide resource to you on a day rate basis or as a fully managed service with agreed service levels so you can transfer your delivery risk to us.

      Whether your assignment is short-term, mid-term or open ended we remain flexible and can respond to tight timescales and frequent change; be that change in size, working hours or even location.

      You’ll be assured of high levels of support, engagement and performance.
    • We operate throughout the customer complaint lifecycle, from the development and deployment of conduct strategy to the process design and implementation of customer complaint management, outcome testing, root cause analysis and remediation.

      At each stage we can offer our subject matter expertise, our specialist resourcing solutions and our fully managed services to improve your business.