Knowing our business

We value knowledge and expertise, both in regulation and resourcing and the other areas of business that mean we can be effective. We believe in lifelong learning and we support our people to develop.

Asking why

We’re always looking to improve and innovate. This means asking why we do things the way we do and considering new ways of working. Asking ‘why?’ also helps us to extend our knowledge and ensures nothing is overlooked.

Go getting

We set ourselves ambitious goals and strive to achieve them. We approach things with energy and purpose. We work hard to keep a positive attitude, to have fun and smile; even when working through challenges.

Working together

We appreciate that we can only achieve success together. We respect others and different points of view, and we’re quick to offer help. We consider the wider impact of our actions; on our colleagues, clients, suppliers and the community.


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A new era for SIPPs?

15/11/2018 by

The Berkeley Burke court ruling has the potential to prompt increased regulatory action in the Self-invested […]

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Vulnerable Customers: Are you getting it r...

30/10/2018 by

Organisations are now being asked to assess, identify and take action in response to customer vulnerability; […]

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A new world for the insurance sector

02/10/2018 by

The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) signals some subtle, but critical changes to the current day procedures. […]

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