Services Root Cause Analysis

Firms are required to alleviate ‘recurring and systemic’ problems. Taking a proactive stance on the fixing of complaints ensures better customer experience and avoids offsetting issues that might become a costly legacy. However the complex nature of business today means that identifying the cause of customer complaints can be very challenging.

Root Cause Analysis looks beyond the symptoms of complaints and allows you to see their cause with the clarity needed to fix them. Previously undetected patterns and trends can be found which give new insights to the reasons why customers are complaining. Root Cause Analysis can also be used to anticipate the volume, nature and timing of future complaints. This means that you can be better prepared with the right response and resources; rather than caught out and face regulatory attention, negative publicity and customer dissatisfaction.

Our experience and knowledge of what complaints look like and how they behave is invaluable in developing Root Cause Analysis solutions. Done in the right way relatively small teams can provide a wealth of actionable insight and prove to be very cost effective.

Complaints are often the result of behaviours embedded in cultural norms. These can be entrenched and resistant to change. Whether complaints are process driven, policy driven or as a result of organisational factors, our analysis and reporting will provide robust rationale and compelling data to challenge existing views and motivate action. Working across functions in your organisation we accelerate the diffusion of insight and facilitate the changes that improve customer experience and reduce complaint volumes.

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